Learn more about FNEX, the Private Securities Marketplace

Learn more about FNEX, the Private Securities Marketplace

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Research and invest in funds with a multitude of investment strategies.
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FNEX- The Private Securities Marketplace

FNEX is a comprehensive transactional marketplace for alternative investments. FNEX enables investors to make investments into private companies, hedge funds and a variety of other investment vehicles listed on the platform by investment banks, managed futures brokers and fund managers.

SEC to scrutinize private equity secondary transactions
Mon Jun 08, 2015

SEC examiners will be paying closer attention to how private equity firms handle secondary transactions, Igor Rozenblit said Wednesday at a global private equity conference in Washington.

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Why Hedge Funds Continue to Grow Despite Numerous Challenges
Mon Jun 08, 2015

Investors' desire to beat the markets while mitigating risk has helped hedge funds not just maintain, but increase their assets and market share

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