S&P 500 +3.22 +0.17%       NASDAQ Composite +21.372 +0.52%       S&P/TSX Composite +20.86 +0.14%       IPC +110.949 +0.28%       IBOVESPA - +247.758 +0.48%       ESTX50 EUR P -23.64 -0.74%       FTSE 100 -20.91 -0.31%       CAC 40 -11.54 -0.26%       DAX -93.66 -0.98%       FTSE MIB -148.820 -0.68%       AEX -2.24 -0.56%       OMXS30 -0.53 -0.04%       SMI -21.33 -0.25%       Nikkei 225 +24.27 +0.17%       HANG SENG INDEX -339.271 -1.50%       S&P/ASX 200 +13.200 +0.24%      
Convertible Arbitrage Index + 0.57 2.19%       Distressed Securities Index + 0.78 4.05%       Emerging Markets Index + 0.27 -1.37%       Equity Long Bias Index -0.26 1.84%       Equity Long/Short Index -0.69 1.53%       Equity Market Neutral Index + 0.10 1.61%       Equity Short Bias Index -2.47 -4.78%       European Equities Index -0.77 2.95%       Event Driven Index -0.14 2.92%       Fixed Income Arbitrage Index + 0.60 2.50%       Fund of Funds Index -0.73 0.63%       Global Macro Index -0.79 -1.57%       Healthcare & Biotechnology Index -1.20 9.76%       Merger Arbitrage Index -0.32 1.34%       Multi Strategy Index -0.22 1.62%       Pacific Rim Equities Index -0.70 -2.12%       Technology Index -3.34 -0.86%       Barclay CTA Index -0.90 -0.89%       Agricultural Traders Index -0.96 -1.91%       Currency Traders Index + 0.31 -1.53%       Discretionary Traders Index -0.24 -1.04%       Diversified Traders Index -1.32 -0.72%       Fin./Met. Traders Index -0.92 -1.80%       Systematic Traders Index -0.93 -0.89%      

Learn more about FNEX, the Private Securities Marketplace

Learn more about FNEX, the Private Securities Marketplace

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Buy interest in private companies all over the United States.
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Research and invest in funds with a multitude of investment strategies.
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FNEX- The Private Securities Marketplace

FNEX is the first comprehensive transactional marketplace for alternative investments. FNEX enables investors to make investments into private companies, hedge funds and a variety of other investment vehicles listed on the platform by investment banks, managed futures brokers and fund managers.

FNEX Announces Partnership with Global Private Equity Platform, DealMarket
April 22, 2014

FNEX, the leading online alternative investment marketplace, and DealMarket, the leading and award-winning global one-stop-shop for Private Equity, today announced a strategic partnership that will provide DealMarket’s qualified and professional investors access to deals listed on FNEX.com through the DealMarket platform. The partnership provides funds and investment banks that list on FNEX distribution to over 13,000 family offices globally.

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FNEX Partners with PENSCO to Provide Accredited Investors Access to FNEX.com Online Investment Marketplace
March 25, 2014

FNEX, the leading online alternative investment marketplace, and PENSCO Trust Company, the industry’s premier self-directed IRA custodian, announced today an agreement that will enable PENSCO clients and their advisors to access FNEX.com through their PENSCO accounts. Through this partnership, investors and financial advisors who custody with PENSCO will be able to source, review and invest in a variety of alternative investments.

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