What do we offer Investment Banks, Fund Managers and Commodities Managers?

FNEX enables the distribution of offerings to a large population, including individual accredited investors, family offices and institutions. FNEX offers:

  • DISTRIBUTION. Have your capital raise project reach more investors than ever possible with a traditional investment banking operation.

  • EFFICIENCY. Source prospects faster and expedite the investment process.

  • FLEXIBILITY. FNEX can assist distribution efforts for a variety of investment vehicles.

  • LIMITED RISK. Offering groups on FNEX enter into a referral agreement with a FINRA member broker/dealer. No fees are awarded until capital is sourced through the platform.

  • SECURITY. FNEX uses industry leading encryption standards.

  • A TRANSACTIONAL PORTAL. Investors can directly invest in your offering through our ACH portal, and FNEX directly connects with custodians managing over $40B in AUM, allowing investors to direct investment from those accounts.

  • SERIES 79 SPONSORSHIP. FNEX can provide Broker/Dealer sponsorship, providing synergies beyond what other compliance groups can deliver.

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“FNEX is an excellent platform for investors looking to add managed futures to their portfolios.”- Nell Sloane Co-Founder, Capital Trading Group, 30 year futures industry veteran

“FNEX is a great way for Funds to connect with potential investors, whether institutional or individuals.” - Thalius Hecksher Global Head of Business Development, Apex Fund Services, hedge fund industry professional since 1996

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