Capital Markets

Middle market strategic advisors with deep operational and transaction experience providing
exit strategy analysis and preparation, buy-side/sell-side M&A representation,
and capital raises of debt and/or equity.

FNEX focuses on delivering results, achieved through proper preparation and closely matched
counterparties. We specialize in serving middle-market companies seeking to maximize
shareholder returns through value-added growth and/or a liquidity event.
Our professionals come from diverse backgrounds of advising, operating, and investing in
middle-market companies. Clients benefit from the team’s deep understanding of deal
strategy, operational improvements, equity value creation and transaction process. We view
our clients as partners, working closely with them to develop a sincere understanding of their
goals and drivers of their business to determine what it will take to create the growth and/or
liquidity desired.

We provide M&A advisory services for middle-market companies with enterprise values of
$10MM to $1B+. Whether representing clients on the sell-side or buy side, we advise
companies through the strategy and execution steps necessary for a successful transaction.
We customize each process to fit the needs of our clients to ensure the best possible

Buy-side and sell-side assignments are both targeted searches; they just have a different
direction of focus. Instead of only waiting to see what appears from an outreach, we
concentrate on finding the right counterparty. We look at size, style, company culture,
location, market, and the people involved. We believe that taking an active approach is much
more effective because finding a ‘good fit’ is better than ‘what was available.’

We partner with management to understand their opportunities, formalize their capital needs, evaluate financial results and projections, and prepare for the due diligence process necessary to attract and successfully place capital. Utilizing debt, equity, or a combination of both, we work with middle-market companies needing $5MM to $200MM to execute their vision.

Combining extensive M&A and capital placement experience, we assist with the formation of strategies and capital needed to rapidly expand a business. Growth advisory projects typically require the deployment of $15MM or more of capital and/or making multiple acquisitions in the execution of a roll-up strategy. FNEX’s team has evaluated and advised many transactions and has established a reputation for professionalism and excellence in transactions and project executions. Our client service approach is rooted in a common guiding principle of exceeding client expectations by delivering the highest-quality advice, excellence in execution, and meaningful results.