Q: What is FNEX?
A: FNEX is The Private Securities Marketplace enabling investors to purchase an interest in Private Placements, Hedge Funds, Managed Futures Programs, Precious Metals, and other alternative investments listed by Broker-Dealers, and Introducing Brokers and fund managers. Member investors can use the platform to screen companies and educate themselves on alternative investments in our Education Center.
Q: Who can invest in FNEX offerings?
A: FNEX is a marketplace for Accredited and Institutional Investors. Accredited investors are defined as individuals with annual incomes greater than $200,000 ($300,000 joint income with spouses) or investors with $1 million or greater of personal net worth, not including primary residence. All investors will need to complete the Accreditation questionnaire before gaining access to the investment content.
Q: Who is allowed to offer investments on the FNEX platform?
A: FNEX works with Investment Banks, Broker-Dealers, Hedge Fund Managers, and Commodity Trading Advisors. The vetting process is industry agnostic and focuses on companies and funds with strong ideas and experience. Our goal is to provide investors with a diverse set of investments from which they can decide how best to diversify their portfolios.
Q: How much will investing through FNEX cost?
A: FNEX does not charge investors any membership fees, commissions, administrative fees, management fees, or other transaction based fees.
Q: How does FNEX protect my information?
A: FNEX uses a password protected portal which meets all current SEC compliance standards. FNEX will never sell member information to third parties.
Q: Will FNEX report my activities to Regulatory Agencies?
A: Information may be shared with the SEC, FINRA, and other regulatory authorities as required by law or if requested.
Q: How will I be updated on my investments?
A: It is the responsibility of each issuer or Fund Manager to provide updates to FNEX and the investors. FNEX provides space on each Deal page for updates from the listing company. A history of your transactions will also be available on your Manage My Account page.
Q: How safe or secure are the investments on FNEX?
A: Every investment carries an element of risk. FNEX does not make any recommendations regarding the appropriateness or suitability of any offering listed on this site. Investors must conduct their own investigation and due diligence on the risk and potential for gain or loss on each opportunity. Use of this website does not constitute an offer by FNEX to sell, solicit, or make an offer to buy any investment interest in any business venture. FNEX does not give or offer any business advice, investment advice, tax advice, or legal advice to anyone using the website or the Services as defined in the Terms of Use.
Q: What if I work with a Broker or Investment Advisor?
A: Financial planners, brokers, and registered investment advisors are all welcome to register on the FNEX platform. There is no cost for them to register and become a member of FNEX. The alternative investments on FNEX are not always available on traditional money management platforms. This would be a valuable tool in helping them design a more diverse and non-correlated investment portfolio.
Q: How can I reach FNEX?
A: FNEX can be reached via email at info@fnex.com or by phone at 888 580-2588.
Q: How can I list my offering on FNEX?
A: If you are an investment banker or fund manager looking for distribution for an offering please email FNEX at info@fnex.com. A representative will contact you to discuss the listing process.
Q: How can I contact the issuers?
A: FNEX aims to supplement the investment process, rather than disintermediate the relationship between bankers, issuers and investors. After an investor has evaluated diligence materials available through FNEX, they will be able to directly contact the offering banker. The banker will be able to begin a dialogue between investors and the issuers.


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