Investor Accreditation

Most private investment opportunities are only available to accredited or institutional investors.

To learn more about who qualifies see below.


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What is an Accredited Investor?

The SEC has recently changed the definition of an accredited investor. For details on who is an accredited investor please click the link below.

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What is a qualified purchaser?

Some funds are only available to qualified purchasers. For information regarding qualified purchasers see below.

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What constitutes an institutional investor?

Some businesses and corporate entities constitute institutional investors. These groups may have access to investment opportunities not available to individual investors. For details on which groups constitutes institutional investors see below.

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Investor Accreditation

Determine whether you are an accredited or institutional investor or qualified purchaser.

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“As an accredited investor, I know how difficult it is to find alternative investments. FNEX is the best utility for deal sourcing and completing a transaction I've seen." - Brian Williams Managing Director, Limestone Partners, investing in private securities since 1997

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