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FNEX helps its Listing Groups distribute their offerings both within the members based platform, and where requested, in a broader context, for those interested in general solicitation. FNEX partners with groups that can help Listing Groups with their marketing infrastructure, strategies, and campaigns to effectively reach accredited investors.

The capital raising process is ripe for change. Meyler Capital uses engaging messaging and creative marketing tools to build manager credibility and source new investors. Headquartered in Canada, with offices in the United States and Europe, Meyler covers the entire spectrum of marketing and placement in order to capture investor's attention and accelerate asset growth.

Blu Giant is a multi-disciplinary creative agency empowering advisors to engage their clients through branding, social media, video and web; an experience we call Hypermedia.

For more information, contact Brett Clarke. His email is: or visit our website:

FINTRX provides an actionable 360° view of the global family office landscape - designed to increase & streamline your capital raising efforts.

E5A works closely with clients that are seeking to grow, embracing the pace of change, and investing in their continued success. Together, we build esteem with our client’s most influential audiences. We help create the critical moment of understanding including both the brand and offering by developing disruptive creative concepts that get to the heart of communications. To disseminate, influence and persuade, we develop precision, targeted, media strategies that are mathematical in their approach, and expect to be quantitatively measured. E5A helps a variety of firms including private partnerships, asset managers, i-banks, and their service providers grow.

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