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FNEX connects with the industry’s leading Self-Directed IRA Administrators. FNEX will allow current IRA account holders to complete a Buy-Direct letter that authorizes the transfer of funds directly from their account to the bank or fund manager offering the deal. For those Members interested in opening a Self-Directed account, please reach out to one of our partners.

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Selecting an alternative investment retirement plan company that can deliver the personalized level of service your clients are accustomed to can be daunting. Vantage makes it easy. Developing a strong relationship with our team enables your firm to focus on your biggest priority, serving your clients financial needs. Our FNEX partner on-boarding process seamlessly creates the alternative asset custodial solution and infrastructure for your investment firm and delivers the relevant and practical on-going education needed to confidently serve your accredited investor clientele within their tax-favored portfolios.

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You have money saved in a retirement account and your investment appetite expands beyond traditional stock market-based options. Now What? It’s simple, call Vantage. Our team of experienced and knowledgeable professionals will hold your hand throughout the easy process of establishing your Vantage IRA account, transferring your money from your current custodian who is restricting your investment options and will facilitate any of the alternative investment transactions you wish to make. You are one step away from having the investment control you have been craving. We look forward to serving you.

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AdvantaIRA is a Self-Directed IRA administrator with over 25 years of experience in the industry that provides tax-deferred and tax-free investment opportunities, superior customer service and education tools to assist you in realizing the maximum benefits possible within your IRA. We allow you to invest in traditional assets such as stocks, bonds and mutual funds, along with alternative assets, all while giving you the freedom to self-direct your retirement account. For more information, you can e-mail Greg DeGilio at:

With more than 10 years of industry-leading service, NuView IRA specializes in holding alternative assets. NuView is available nearly 9 hours every business day, so when you have a question, your call is directed to a trained IRA professional dedicated to your account, not an overly busy call center. During non-business hours, our secure MyNuView client portal allows access to all account information, and any activity triggers responsive emails. Our business is to serve you. Visit us online to download a free IRA e-guide. Contact: Jason DeBono, Vice President,

Since 2004, Midland IRA has been committed to providing superior service in the administration of self-directed retirement accounts for those who wish to hold alternative investments, such as real estate, private mortgages, private placements, precious metals and much more. Based in Chicago, Midland primarily focuses on business in the Midwest, but services accounts throughout the country. Advantages of working with Midland IRA include: • Online Applications & E-Signature System – No hassle to print/sign/scan/fax • Quick processing of transfer and transactions – Consistent, dedicated follow-up • Competitive fees and flexible payment options • Dedicated Rep from Start to Finish – No bouncing around from rep to rep

Ira Innovations LLC, is a leading national IRA administrator that specializes in the administration of alternative assets in a self-directed IRA. We help investors open up new investment opportunities using their self-directed IRA. The power of investing truly on your terms.

New Direction IRA, Inc. is a provider of Self Directed IRA accounts. We specialize in administration and bookkeeping for assets such as real estate, private loans, precious metals and more. Excellent client service, prompt transactions, and quality investor education are our primary business goals. Investors, advisors and asset providers choose NDIRA because of our depth of experience in retirement asset acquisition, specialized education offerings, and proven track record of reliable transaction funding and thorough asset documentation. Founded in 2003, New Direction IRA has opened more than 7,000 accounts.

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The Entrust Group is the world's premier administrative service provider for self-directed retirement accounts. For over 30 years, our mission has been to create knowledgeable and confident investors through education about IRAs and alternative investments. Entrust provides clients with resources to ensure they stay compliant, informed, and in control of their futures. As an administrator and record keeper, Entrust provides excellent personable customer service. Entrust has more office locations than any other self-directed IRA administrator.

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